Alice, Pantyhose Queen Champion of the “Sexfight Pantyhose Club” – Undefeated


1) Hair: high ponytail

2) Eyes: dark mascara

3) Lips: ruby red

4) Fingernails and toenails: ruby red


1) Mask Teddy (see video 373) with mask pulled up to the forehead.

2) Black seamless pantyhose

3) high heels black open toes (see video 373) – only for intro scene.

IMAGE: part of the nose, mouth and chin are visible in the hole: Nemesis (man) Challenger for the Championship, defeated only by Alice in two previous matches.


1) Pantyhose encased head.

2) Black briefs (soon removed).


Bedroom with:

1) bed without bedsheets or blanket, only mattress.

2) carpet


SCENE 1 (2 minutes) CAMERA: wide, both fighters full body. IMPORTANT: don’t cut out the feet!

Camera points at the bed, room is empty. Outside external voice announcer: “AND NOW THE MAIN EVENT, FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE SEXFIGHT PANTYHOSE CLUB”

“THE DEFENDING CHAMPION, WITH A RECORD OF 26 WINS AND CURRENTLY UNDEFEATED… THE SEAMLESS GODDESS… THE ONE AND ONLY… PANTYHOSE QUEEN!!!” Pantyhose Queen enters the “arena-room” and she walks sexily and stands in front of the bed, posing sexy with hands on hips while she is presented.

“THE CHALLENGER, WITH A RECORD OF 38 WINS AND 2 DEFEATS, THE LORD OF SEX… NEMESIS!!!” Nemesis walks into the arena and stands to the side of Pantyhose Queen. They look into each others eyes, both with hands on hips. Nemesis: “I will finally defeat you today, Pantyhose Loser!” Pantyhose Queen: “You can’t beat me, I will defeat you again, like I did in the other two fights”


Pantyhose Queen slowly and sensually removes her shoes and kicks her to the side while Nemesis removes his briefs.


SCENE 2 (1 minute) CAMERA: wide, both fighters full body. IMPORTANT: don’t cut out the feet!

The match begins and the two stare into each other, standing at first. “I challenge you to take on my Mighty Cock, Pantyhose Loser!” Nemesis yells. “A challenge? You know you can’t resist my mouth! I defeated you twice already in the past… I will make you cum and put you out like I did in the other matches!” Pantyhose Queen says while she smiles. “Not this time, Pantyhose Loser! This time my mighty cock will defeat you!” Nemesis yells back.

NOTE: Pantyhose Queen looks very confident and strong. She is the undefeated Champ and fears nobody and has defeated Nemesis twice in the past.

SCENE 3/A (1 minute) CAMERA: POV from top. Close up on Pantyhose Queen, who’s on her feet, legs bent. IMPORTANT: don’t cut out her feet! Pantyhose Queen goes down and takes the cock in one hand and begins to work with her mouth on it. Nemesis moans. It looks like he may cum soon already!

IMAGE: Pantyhose Woman looks up with a fierce smile. She knows no opponent can resist her mouth. She taunts her opponent: “I know you want my mouth…” then begins to work on it.

SCENE 3/B (2 minutes) CAMERA: POV from top. Close up on Pantyhose Queen, who’s on her knees. IMPORTANT: don’t cut out her feet! Suddenly, Pantyhose Queen flutters her eyes and stops sucking “W…What?!? I feel so weak… what’s happening?!?” She moans in shock. She drops to her knees (see image). “How do you like my new APHRODISIAC COCK, uh Queen?” Nemesis yells as he grabs her by the ponytail with one hand and forces her mouth back into his cock! “MMMMMMPPPPHHH!!” Pantyhose Queen protests raising her hands against his hip, trying to push him off, but soon she is too weak! Pantyhose Queen’s arms fall to her sides, limp as she’s forced to suck Nemesis cock and she takes a big dose of his COCK!

IMAGE: Camera angle and Position of Pantyhose Queen. Possibily both feet visible. Hand and arms limp:

IMAGE: Held by ponytail, her hands and arms are limp to her sides.


from this moment Pantyhose Queen is a ragdoll. She moans and groans, trying sometime to resist, but she’s helpless. Eyes are half closed, fluttering under the mask. Mouth is agape, half open.

SCENE 4 (3 minutes)

CAMERA: From feet. Pantyhose Queen, who’s sitting on the edge of the bed, legs spread (see image). IMPORTANT: don’t cut out her feet!

Finally Nemesis pushes Pantyhose Queen off his cock and she sits against the bed with her back, legs spread. Nemesis pulls Pantyhose Queen on the edge of the bed (see image) and looks at her. She is moaning, very excited by the aphrodisiac and weak by the .

IMPORTANT: Nemesis gets rid of Pantyhose Queen’s jewel thong, opening it and revealing her pussy, now covered only by the black seamless nylon.

“I know you can’t resist… your want to finger your pussy… do it, Pantyhose Loser!” Nemesis yells.

Nemesis watches on as Pantyhose Queen’s body betrays her and she moves her hand over her pussy and begins to finger herself. Pantyhose Queen moans as she’s forced to finger herself. Nemesis thrash talks to her “You are mine finally… I’m going to defeat you and take your championship! Now cum for me!”

Pantyhose Queen tries to resist moaning “No… I must stop… Nooo… I can’t stop…” but she finally CUMS in a BIG ORGASM. Then she crumbles on her back, exhausted.

NOTE: Pantyhose Woman is fighting the urge to orgasm because she knows that if she cums, she will be weak and defeated. But her body betrays her, so she can’t stop fingering herself to a huge orgasm.

ACTIONS: Spread pussy lips wide, play with clitoris, fingering.

IMAGE: Pantyhose Woman perfect position on the bed. Camera Angle 1

IMAGE: Camera angle 2. IMPORTANT: keep feet in the picture! IMAGE: perfect expression for orgasm.

SCENE 5 (2 minutes) CAMERA: POV, Pantyhose Queen full body as she lays on the bed. IMPORTANT: don’t cut out her feet and face!

Pantyhose Queen is laying on her back, arms limp, legs spread. Nemesis stands at the end of the bed and grabs her feet, moving them around his cock. He begins to fuck her feet. Pantyhose Queen moans in pleasure. She weakly raises her head and tries very weakly to push herself up with her arms, and she looks up at her feet while they are fucked. “How do you like my super cock fucking your precious feet, uh Pantyhose Loser?” Nemesis taunts her while she moans.

IMAGE: footjob POV. Keep feet in camera view. Pantyhose Queen is on her back, upper body pushed up in her elbows.

SCENE 6 (2 minutes) CAMERA: 3/4 from side. Pantyhose Queen full body in the picture. IMPORTANT: don’t cut out her feet!

Nemesis pulls Pantyhose Queen to the edge of the bed, she’s on her back, and spread her legs. holding her legs up by the ankles. “Now I fuck you for good, Pantyhose Loser!” and Nemesis begins to drive is cock into Pantyhose Queen pussy THROUGH THE SEAMLESS. Nemesis can also plays with her nipples

IMAGE: Nemesis holds her ankles and keep her legs spread. IMPORTANT: don’t cut out her feet!

IMAGE: Alternative possible pose: her legs folded over (don’t use the camera angle, just the folded over position in case)

SCENE 7 (2 minutes) CAMERA: 3/4 from side. Pantyhose Queen full body in the picture. IMPORTANT: don’t cut out her feet!

Nemesis rolls Pantyhose Queen over and spread her legs WIDE. We see her we pussy from behind.

IMAGE: Pantyhose Woman position (but on the bed, with legs spread wider if possible). NOT CAMERA ANGLE.

IMAGE: Pantyhose Queen moans as we see her feet, legs, pussy and her face from the 3/4 backview angle. See image, but zoomed out, with her feet in the picture.

She is doggy style now and Nemesis begins to fuck Pantyhose Queen doggy style. He holds her ponytail. Pantyhose Queen moans, looking back from time to time, curling her toes. Pantyhose Queen moans louder and louder and she finally cums hard. “Now you are mine, Pantyhose Loser!” Nemesis screams taunting the cumming Pantyhose Queen!

IMAGE: Doggy style, with leg facing camera spread. IMPORTANT: don’t cut out her feet!

SCENE 8 (2 minutes) CAMERA: POV from top. Close up on Pantyhose Queen, who’s on her knees. IMPORTANT: don’t cut out her feet!

Nemesis forces Pantyhose Queen to the ground on her knees and again forces her to blowjob him, holding her by the ponytail. She sucks and takes the cock, her arms limp at her sides. Nemesis grunts and finally cums in her mouth.

IMAGE: blowjob POV

IMAGE: After she’s released, Pantyhose Queen crumbles against the bed side. See image, but she must be limp, as if she’s completely weak. She doesn’t swallow. His cum and her drool drips from her chin all over her chest. The more, the better. She is a ragdoll, just moaning, eyes half closed.

SCENE 9 (2 minutes) CAMERA: From feet. Pantyhose Queen, who’s sitting against the bed, legs spread. IMPORTANT: don’t cut out her feet!

Nemesis poses Pantyhose Queen sitting against bed with her back, her legs spread, her WET pussy visible.

IMAGE: final position (woman in red, not the other posing). Nemesis kneels to the side of Pantyhose Queen.

Nemesis kneels to the side of Pantyhose Queen and pulls down her mask! The Queen is unmasked!!! “COUNT THIS PATHETIC PANTYHOSE LOSER OUT!” Nemesis yells.

Outside external voice announcer “1… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6… 7… 8… 9… 10! OUT! THE WINNER AN NEW CHAMPION OF THE SEXFIGHT PANTYHOSE CLUB: NEMESIS!!!”

Pantyhose Queen is counted out and defeated!

Nemesis laughs and taunts the fallen Queen: “I am the Champion now! See you soon, Pantyhose Loser!” Nemesis leaves and Pantyhose Queen is left moaning softly, defeated, covered in cum and unmasked.


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