You look at him with surprised eyes and when he opens his eyes, you tell him, hello and that you came to make a relaxing massage for him. Then you put your rubber gloves on one your hand, the second glove you bring to the camera and put it in your hands, so I can listen to the sound of rubber gloves. Next, you start your teasing, you slowly do hand job and tease his cock with your tongue, you can use your drool as a lubricant. You know what to do, I completely trust you in this part of the clip, I bought a lot of your hot clips with gloves fetish and you know exactly how to do it. Thanks again guys for your clips. It is very important for me to Always POV camera and Your surprised look right into the camera, then onto a huge long cock and then again look into the camera. You’ve never seen such a big cock, you’re surprised, your mouth is slightly ajar. You can say anything in a video or be silent, it does not matter for me. When he is ready to cum, you much more than before squeeze the cock with your gloved hand and give the hand job. Sperm Strings shoot up (you have to squeeze the cock, this should work) and your face is even more surprised. After you play a little bit with the sperm looking at it with your amazed face.

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