A nun-in-training, Sister Bernadette comes into your room to check on you, the young priest at the parish. Even since you went to the soup kitchen last night you started feeling sick, and now you’re bedridden with a high fever. The Sister tells you about a strange pathogen that seems to be going around. She called the hospital for more information and apparently the infected become hyper-sexual. You suddenly wince and she notices your crotch: your dick is rock hard and you’re leaking pre-cum. She tells you that she needs to take a look to find out if you’re infected. She pulls down your underwear revealing your huge cock, Her eyes widen in surprise. She absentmindedly starts to stroke your dick and explains how a nurse at the hospital told her the inflected have to be ejaculated over and over again. You let out a gasp, she asks what is the matter, and suddenly you cum, your load squirting out onto her face. She jumps up says that some got in her eye and she quickly begins to wipe it off of her face. The Sister tells you not to worry about her and goes to check on you. Your fever has subsided. Her eyes wander to your dick. She can’t stop staring at it. You ask her if she is ok, and she says that she’s just a bit hot and goes to get a glass of water. She unbuttons the top of her blouse without thinking. The Sister realizes this and exclaims that she thinks she was inflected. She paces the room and say that they have to protect the others so she should quarantine herself in the room with you. She unbuttons her top more. She cries out that she can’t control herself anymore and tries to pray to God for guidance. The Sister soon gives up on her prayers. She says that God is so busy anyway, and she begins to strip. She tells you that it’s your fault for infecting her, so you have to help her through this. Naked, she crawls onto the bed and tells you to fuck her. You fuck her doggystyle first, and then she climbs on top of you and rides you, screaming obscenities until you fill her with cum.

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